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Machining Of Gear Shaper
Oct 18, 2018

Gear Tooth shaper cutter or toothed bar comb cutter teeth. When cutting teeth with the gear shaper, the cutter rotates with the spindle of the gear shaper, and the gear-shaper cutter and the workpiece are rotated by a certain speed ratio to ensure that the workpiece also turns a tooth when the gear tooth is transferred to one tooth, and the teeth shape of the gears is accurately enveloping, if a spiral guide is added to the spindle of the gear shaper. Bevel gears can also be machined with helical gear shaper cutters. If a gear-shaper attachment is installed on the slotting Machine Workbench, the rotary movement of the worktable becomes a linear motion, then the rack can be inserted. The Gear shaper can be adapted to a smaller distance, and is suitable for machining gears with a convex shoulder or a narrow gap in the slot, while also facilitating the machining of sector, internal and non-circular gears. The machining accuracy of the gear shaper can reach 6~8 grade.

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